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Adsence dollar factory advertising business coriander world ( Barindo ) Gita Wirjawan stewardship inaugurated 2013-2018. Gita is Adsence dollar factory advertising business confirms not use this organization as a political machine towards election and the 2014 presidential election.

“Surely this is purely as a mass organization and has nothing to do with the outside of it,”said Gita Kusai inauguration committee Barindo at Manhattan Hotel, Jalan Dr Satriyo, Kuningan, Jakarta, Sunday ( 11/10/2013 ).

Gita insists its activities at the convention regardless of the position as coriander Barindo. Barindo activities focus on social movements and avoid politics.

“Surely this is purely for the benefit of society,”said the man who is also the Minister of Trade.

In line with the Gita, the Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees Barindo M Yasin said its mass will not go into politics. Barindo support the Gita to prove himself at the national level, but do not be tempted to engage in practical politics.